Eleana Zachariades

Partner | Creative Director


Interior architect, designer and stylist, with a background in economics and business, and a devoted passion for the applied arts. Her full creative capacity spans from interiors for private residences, restaurants, offices, retail shops and children’s spaces, to furniture design and finishing techniques, mosaic murals and functional objects, household textiles and handmade decorative items.

Eleana holds degrees in Economics (London School of Economics) and Architecture (Bartlett, UCL). A hunger to discover new materials and techniques led her to travel around the UK pursuing design course after design course. Driven by a desire to combine the language of architecture, materiality and craft, in 2005 she united with Stelios and Nikos Lampaditis at Enoughsaid design office, firmly rooting her fascination for interior design. In parallel, she established a School for Decorative Applied Arts, the first of its kind in Greece, with over 5,000 students. She developed a successful platform, building curriculums and teaching over 20 specialised applied art fields including textile design, furniture and wall techniques, mosaic art, fused/stained glass, ceramics, fashion accessories and jewellery design. Her work has been featured in several life & style magazines, publications and tv programs.

In 2010 she joined leading construction company G.P. Zachariades in Bahrain as a Business Executive and Marketing Director for the next 8 years. Integrating commercial awareness and artistic strength, she created marketing and communication strategies for the company, and successfully executed a rebranding plan to give new life to a 50 year-old brand, aiding the company to adapt to current times, reconnect with its audiences and expand its activities to KSA and Oman.

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