Furniture Design

Custom, Built-in & Freestanding

Kitchens, Living areas, Bedrooms, Commercial spaces, Storage solutions


Form - function - aesthetics

Furniture matters to interior designers in the same way that books matter to librarians. We believe in the power of customised furniture to elevate any space. From tables, cabinets and reception counters, to bookcases and fitted kitchens, we create tailored pieces for a specific use, a unique individual or a distinct brand. We make sure our bespoke furniture caters to all your needs, knowing it needs to be a perfect fit.

Custom furniture design services in Cyprus - furniture details and finishes of products designed by Reform.Reform Custom Furniture Design services in Cyprus including wardrobes, kitchens, bookcases, tables and doors.

What we can do for you

Freestanding Furniture

With aesthetics and usability in mind, we design a range of residential and commercial furniture. Whether a cosy sofa or a practical office desk, our custom pieces are designed specifically for your unique project to create a completely unified, coherent and distinctive concept.

Built-in Furniture

Fitted furniture is the perfect solution to creating a clean cohesive look architecturally, as well as saving space and maximising storage. From wardrobes to kitchens, we design made-to-measure pieces that seamlessly blend into the style and layout of your space.

Production Supervision

We collaborate with skilled artisans and tradespeople that can create a wide range of bespoke pieces. We produce detailed technical drawings for manufacturing and monitor the entire process from production to delivery and installation.

Quality Control

With our technical expertise in materials, workmanship and best practices, we ensure that manufacturing of the products meets the specified quality requirements in order to deliver furniture of high standard and lifespan.

Procurement Services

From solid woods, veneers and exotic or high-tech materials, to top-of-the-line mechanisms, we can source any specialised item not available locally so that the end product looks great and works even better.