Exness is a dynamic and fast growing fintech company that has become one of the leading forex brokers internationally. With their ongoing office expansion needs, we were engaged to design a branded workspace for the Management Level of their Cyprus-based headquarters in the Porto Bello Building.

The 600+ sqm office level has been transformed into an energized, focused and motivating environment. The company’s humancentric culture focuses on teamwork, openness, respect and honesty. These principles have been reflected across all elements of the office design, beginning with the open plan layout and zoning considerations, and extending to the choice of finish materials and furniture, as well as experiential graphics.

From individual workstations, privacy booths and call cubicles, to casual meeting spaces, conference rooms and lounges, a variety of work areas have been created to provide a comfortable, approachable and diverse setting which caters to many different styles of working. Agile break out areas away from the screen have been strategically spread throughout, which also function as collaborative areas to foster efficiency, innovation and idea sharing.

Custom-made murals and wall graphics communicate Exness’s corporate values and act as a story-telling device for the brand. Other than being visually stimulating, they create a sense of shared purpose and connect people with the organization’s work ethic. The abundant use of real plants further bolsters workplace well-being and productivity, cleaning the air, lowering noise levels and boosting creativity.

Limassol, Cyprus
Interior Design
Custom Furniture
Custom Wallpaper
Project Management
A modern, energized and motivating office design with lots of plants and yellow accents for the forex company Exness.
Interior design of Exness office with vertical wooden beam partition screens and long black planters.
A light-filled modern office lounge area in a black, grey and yellow colour theme with lots of plants.
An atmospheric and motivating work environment with a diversity of work setups, lots of plants and yellow accents.
On office area with a custom-made wooden partition with plants and an integrated high counter surface with yellow bar stools.
A collaboration area with custom-made tiered seating and plants for the office design of Exness.
A branded office design for Exness forex offices with a yellow theme, diverse work areas and wall graphics.
A custom yellow 3D WC sign which is part of a branded corporate wayfinding design.
A modern and light open plan workspace with black planters as dividers and vertical wooden beam partitions.
A closeup view of Exness’s informal meeting area, with a motivating work environment in the background.
A modern and airy office design for Exness, with open plan workstations in front of floor-to-ceiling windows with a sea view.
A modern yellow and black sideboard in an office conference room.
A custom 3D acrylic sign with company brand values which says teamwork and communication.
A black and grey conference room design for Exness offices with modular round tables, custom wallpaper and yellow accents.
An office lounge at Exness with a black and white rug, grey sofa, iconic armchairs and yellow accents.
Yellow and grey booth seating by Narbutas creating a private informal meeting space.
A yellow glass board in a modern office space.
A collaboration area at Exness office with a high table, yellow stools, a glass board and a metal bookcase divider with plants.
A gallery wall with black picture frames and prints with yellow accents above a casual eating area.
A yellow and grey boxing corner with a floor-standing punching bag, branded boxing gloves and an acrylic sign that says boom.
A closeup view of a multi-tiered 3D acrylic sign that says boom in black, white and yellow.
A custom wallpaper design for Exness with abstract forex candlesticks and messaging with brand values.