The Foundry

Forging experiences

The Challenge

Our client: food connoisseur, chef and owner of Bahrain’s premium delicatessen store. His vision: to create an upscale industrial restaurant bar where his imported high-quality speciality ingredients from around the world would come together under his creative direction, in a warehouse chic environment, to deliver a gastronomic experience unique to Bahrain. 

The Outcome

An atmospheric and refined industrial style space with an organic, lived-in feel and the perfect play of contrast between sleek modernity and timeworn charm. Taking cues from foundries, factories and warehouses, the project has been designed with the highest degree of customisations, thoughtfully sourced materials and meticulous lighting throughout.

Restaurant Bar
Interior Design
Furniture Design
Light Fixtures Design
Project Supervision
Product Sourcing

The Impact

With its raw yet polished down-to-earth aesthetic, The Foundry’s interiors deliver an experience that is as boundary-pushing for Bahrain as the food itself. The restaurant and bar quickly became a social hub for sophisticated local and expat clientele, and the “go-to” place for visitors. We also designed a roof terrace for more restaurant seating, a second bar and kitchen, and a live cooking barbeque station for the client to expand his operations a few months after The Foundry’s opening and instant success.

The stairway of an industrial restaurant bar which combines a sleek modern design with timeworn charm.
The interior design of an industrial bar featuring exposed beams, brick walls, concrete floors and piston-like bar stools.

The bare necessities

We developed a concept with an edgy urban appeal drawing references from the bare bones of warehouses, the pipework and structural elements of industrial plants, and the dramatic lighting, shadows and red glow of molten metal in foundries. Stripped back architectural details - visible steel beams, ductwork, and pipes - are turned into showpieces achieving a look that seems unfinished, but cohesive. A textural interplay of distressed and lustrous metal elements, exposed and polished concrete surfaces, aged red brick walls and grainy earthy wood, is accentuated across all 4 floors of the restaurant establishment.

The interior of an industrial chic restaurant showing bespoke oak tables softening the roughness of brick and metal.
A utilitarian style bar decor showing a textural interplay of distressed metal, concrete, aged brick and grainy wood.
An urban restaurant interior design with earthy wooden tables amongst hard-edged masculine forms and materials.
The entrance¬¬ to The Foundry restaurant with red bricks walls and a black metal reception.
A glowing metal smelter with sparking rivers of steel in a foundry.
The visible ductwork, pipes and structural elements of an industrial plant.
Dramatic lighting and the red glow of molten metal inside a steel factory.
Molten metal being poured from a ladle into casting molds.

Powering up the factory

Upon stepping off palm tree and sand lined streets and through an understated black entrance, guests instantly begin their journey. Greeted by a “members only” vibe reception, they are guided through the elevator to their level of choice. The open-plan restaurant on the 2nd level introduces a utilitarian fuss-free statement, with an inviting combination of gentle curves and wood amongst hard-edged masculine forms and materials. Custom-made booth seating and sofas are upholstered in royal blue leather with diamond and channel tufting. Bespoke oak tables add warmth by softening the roughness of metal and brick. The kitchen is tucked away behind a feature blackboard wall enclosing a stainless-steel opening for a glimpse behind the scenes.

A warehouse chic restaurant decor with tailormade blue leather booth seating, oak tables and black steel pipe luminaires.
The atmospheric open-plan dining area of an industrial restaurant featuring exposed structural elements.
Technical drawings for custom-made booth seating upholstered in leather with channel tufting.
A feature blackboard wall with an opening framed in stainless-steel which looks into the restaurant kitchen.
The seating area of a NY loft style restaurant with a raw, yet polished, down-to-earth aesthetic.
The Foundry’s signature seared tuna dish served on a wooden platter with a slate inlay.

The fuel dispenser

Down one floor, the bar becomes a place to gather, dance, meet new people and grow a community. Multiple light sources, creating variable luminance against red brick and mat black surfaces, evoke a dramatic but at the same time relaxed ambience. At the back, a small dimly lit recess with a signature pipe chandelier provides a cosy, more secluded seating area. 

A dedicated keg room with a long-draw draft system delivers beer from the kegs directly to your glass through a run of insulated beer lines enclosed in a visible feature gold pipe which travels across the ceiling and down to the draft tower. Another dash of mechanized sophistication is the custom-made bar with bespoke piston-like bar stools. The bar mimics the structure of steel die casting moulds with interlocking components fitted together with nuts and bolts. 

The Foundry bar, with a feature gold pipe running across the ceiling to transport beer from the keg room to the draft tower.
A martini cocktail in front of black pipes and red bricks.
Technical drawings for a customized industrial bar counter with interlocking components bolted together.
A bar seating area with black leather sofas, black oak tables and industrial wall light fixtures on aged red brick walls.
The Foundry’s wine cellar display.

No mass


Apart from the restaurant chairs and some light fittings, all other furniture, fixtures and luminaires are tailor-made for the project. A signature element running throughout the whole concept is the use of exposed black steel pipes which have been seamlessly welded into customised designs for a variety of light fixtures, chandeliers, benches, counters and balustrades. 

Technical drawings for bespoke light fixtures and luminaires made from black steel pipes.
The interior of an industrial style restaurant with ambient lighting creating a warm dramatic glow against red brick walls.
A seating area in a recess which is dramatically lit by a custom-made black steel pipe chandelier.
3D visualization of a tailormade bar designed using black steel pipes, oak and red wheel valve handles.

"Maintenance rooms"

Echoing the exposed brick opposite, galvanized steel doors framed between wooden herringbone wall panelling lead to the bathrooms. Matte black metal wash basins, glossy wall tiles and an exposed geometric installation of copper pipes, components and red lever ball valves make the space feel rough; while backlit angled mirrors and focused lighting around the walls create a comforting glow.

A corridor with a red brick wall on the right side and a wooden herringbone wall on the left.
A restaurant bathroom design with an industrial black metal vanity, exposed copper pipe installation and dramatic lighting.
An industrial chic commercial restroom with white glossy tiles, black wash basins, backlit mirrors and visible pipework.

A traditional handheld meat mincer has become the trademark visual of The Foundry, from signage applications to lighting and decorative details. The oak dining tables have been personalised with cast iron inlays of butcher knives and meat mincers following the traditional foundry casting process - melting metal into a liquid, pouring the molten metal into a mould, and removing the mould material after the metal has cooled and solidified. 


the goods

An oak dining table with a cast iron inlay of a traditional handheld meat mincer.
A round oak dining table personalized with metal knife inlays.
A custom-made round oak table with knife-shaped cast iron inlays.
A tailormade industrial wall light with a glowing outline of a traditional meat mincer fixed on a black wire grid.

Industrial Restaurant Bar Design

Urban American bistro The Foundry has had everyone talking in the few months since it opened...Red brick walls, exposed steel beams and leather seats meet you at every corner – this industrial décor, reminiscent of a New York loft apartment, is just one of the reasons the venue is quickly becoming one of Bahrain’s hottest spots… We’ve been waiting for a place like this to open.
- Critic Review

Finally a restaurant with a character. I really like the industrial feel of the place, it is really a novelty in Bahrain where all upper class restaurants look the same… The decoration is great, with big copper pipes actually being used to bring beer from storage to tap, rather than just being a decoration.
- Customer Review