Interior Design & Architecture

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Creating lasting impressions

Your commercial environment, with all its fine details, conveys who you are, what you stand for and what sets you apart. It’s not just a place to meet, eat, buy or do business, it’s an experience. And if it’s designed with skill and purpose, it can be a powerful one, turning your physical space into a key business asset. This creates value and ROI for you. We empower you to make your statement and capitalise on your presence.

Commercial interior design services in Cyprus - various hospitality, retail & office interiors designed by Reform.Reform Interior Design services for hospitality, retail, office and commercial interiors in Cyprus.

What we can do for you

Interior Design

We create branded environments that have the desired impact on target audiences. With presentations, 3D visuals, detailed drawings, sampling and continuous dialogue, we guide you expertly through the design process consulting on everything from layouts to furnishings and finishes.

Interior Architecture

Creating commercial interiors that are relevant to their purpose requires good spatial planning. We design intelligent spaces by factoring in all technical parameters from circulation, zoning and ergonomics, to walls, doors, stairs, M&E, ventilation, lighting and audio visual.

Construction Documentation

Our technical knowledge of interior construction ensures that our projects are documented to a high level of detail, aiding the tender and construction process. We produce construction drawings, specifications and schedules including architectural, finishing and electrical.

Graphic Design

Graphics can add a dynamic and meaningful dimension to interiors by incorporating brand cues that build recognition, loyalty and equity. We design anything from wall and floor graphics, to wallpapers, murals, signage and glass decals.

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Furniture Design

We design bespoke furniture for any function and space, including reception counters, hospitality furniture, conference tables, storage solutions and retail displays. Our highly customised pieces are tailored to fit your exact needs and brand.

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Exhibition Stand Design

We strategically design stands, fixtures and displays for exhibition events and trade shows. With effective space utilisation and impactful visuals, we infuse your brand image to create an engaging and exciting platform that will attract visitors and promote your business.

Procurement Services

Whether for special finishes, furniture, cutlery or art, we have a vast local and global network of suppliers, dealers and manufacturers. We offer product sourcing, procurement and curation services for the most diverse furnishings, materials and products internationally.

Project Management

From concept design to project completion, we coordinate all aspects of the process. We make sure your project gets over the line on time, within your budget and to the highest quality, offering you a stress-free experience.

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