Approaching the project as a holistic restaurant experience (interiors, food and brand identity), Nest’s design balances a sophisticated urban vibe and a sense of youthful playfulness. With a modern interior that mixes wood, wallpaper illustrations, warm lighting and black furniture, the brand identity shares a commonality through its minimalist color palette, animal forms and mix of high-quality matte and textured papers.

Silhouettes of different animals herded together embody the spirit of individuality and companionship. An almost childlike 3D logotype complemented with a timeless sans serif typeface provide a casual elegance. These elements along with a blend of abstract organic patterns express joy and humility, while resonating with the young at heart.

Nest’s brand identity extends seamlessly across all aspects of the restaurant’s operations, from wallpaper and stationary to useful and practical applications such as placemats, coasters, matchboxes, toothpick packs and dinnerware. The Drinks and Food menus are printed on leather textured paper from Gmund, with a hard cover and special coating to withhold everyday use. In close collaboration with Ionia Porcelain, we designed a branded collection of quality porcelain plates.

One of the most impressive features of the restaurant is the custom designed wallpaper which expands across three floors engaging curiosity through the use of patterns and the strategic placement of wandering animals. The material used was treated with a special coating for water proofing and color fading protection without eliminating the traditional feel and texture of wallpaper.

Glyfada, Greece
Porcelain Plates
Receipt Folder
Staff Uniforms
Custom Wallpapers
Graphic design applications by Reform for a restaurant brand identity including menus, business cards and matchboxes.
A branded bill folder for Nest Restaurant in a black and white scheme with animal silhouettes.
The envelopes and With Compliments card of Nest’s branded stationary in a minimalistic dark color palette.
Nest Restaurant menu design using Gmund leather textured paper with white writing on a black background.
Custom branded porcelain plates for Nest Restaurant featuring roaming animals and organic patterns.
A restaurant table setting with a branded placemat and two custom printed porcelain plates.
Custom printed plate designs with animal silhouettes and patterns in an earthy color palette.
A restaurant placemat design with textured animal silhouettes reflected to create a pattern.
Three coasters designed with black animal silhouettes and the 3D logotype of Nest Restaurant.
A custom wallpaper design in neutral tones with organic patterns and animal shapes.
A custom wallpaper designed with organic patterns and the strategic placement of wandering animals.
A playful custom wallpaper in pink and black for the restrooms of Nest Restaurant.
A custom designed wallpaper with a white bunny over a fuchsia and black pattern background.