Pere Ubu

The starting point of the brief was a theatrical playbill from Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu Roi”.  With the play itself being wild, bizarre, comic, and significant for the way it overturns cultural norms, the design direction was very clear.

The play’s stage and costume designs, dating back to 1929, were a source of inspiration for the unconventional and creative journey. With a modern and stylized take on quirky theatricality, a custom logotype font was designed and used to create a dynamic abstract letterform pattern. The clustered letter elements fit together like a puzzle forming a radial composition which draws attention in toward the burgundy logo.

The high contrast palette of black and white evokes the necessary intensity, drama and retro-ness embodied in the vision and aesthetic requirements of the brief. The patterned monochromatic scheme lends itself well to eye-catching designs across all brand collateral. The branding system included external signage, an oversized food menu, packaging, uniforms, customized dinnerware, and other printed deliverables, and was completed with graphic illustrations for the restroom walls using bold enlarged flowers with subtle references to gender.

Glyfada, Greece
Porcelain Plates
Water Bottles
Staff Uniforms
Wall Illustrations
The conceptual development of a restaurant logo and patterns.
Black and white business card designs for Pere Ubu restaurant.
Concept inspiration images for Pere Ubu restaurant based on the costumes and scenery of the theatrical play, Ubu Roi.
Branded collateral including placemats and customized plates for Pere Ubu restaurant.
A conceptual black and white pattern for Pere Ubu restaurant.
Pere Ubu restaurant branding with an abstract letterform pattern on its menu and matchboxes.
The brand identity design for Pere Ubu restaurant based on a letterform pattern in a black, white, burgundy scheme.
The wine menu design for Pere Ubu restaurant.
An interior view of Pere Ubu restaurant menu design.
Branded delivery food packaging for Pere Ubu Restaurant.
Restaurant food packaging designs with a red and black logo pattern on craft paper.
A customized water bottle label design for Pere Ubu restaurant.
Restaurant uniform t-shirts branded with Pere Ubu logo and pattern.
Wall illustrations for commercial restrooms using bold enlarged flowers.
Large floral wall illustrations for the restrooms of Pere Ubu restaurant.
Graphic design illustrations for restroom walls with bold enlarged flowers with subtle references to gender.