A Brief Theory

Our client was the author of a book titled A Brief Theory About Life and Beyond, which details a self-reflection of the writer's personal experiences coupled with valuable spiritual advice on everyday life. The book chapters were originally distributed in digital format via email.

Our role was to refresh the existing book title logo and visual content, followed by creating a digital book experience by virtue of an interactive website. We included a smart content management system that allows the author to easily update new chapters directly to the live site.

Building on the existing handwriting typography, we adapted the arrangement and font size to create a more dynamic and bolder headline, while maintaining an organic and approachable aesthetic aligned with the writer’s philosophy. We offset the neon yellow accents with muted shades of purple and pink to create a softer overall aesthetic that pairs well with the chapter imagery.

Our ultimate objective was to create a realistic reading experience that compels visitors to engage with the chapters and subscribe for more. We integrated real book elements into our design, utilizing features such as page folds and book edges to elevate the overall simulation. We also integrated a smart rotation feature on mobile devices to allow visitors to enjoy the same lifelike reading experience on smaller screen sizes.

The client was extremely pleased with the final result and the digital book had over 300 visitors on the first day it was launched.

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Custom web design and development services for an e-book website by Reform Design, Cyprus, including SEO and CMS.
A responsive e-book website design, using Webflow, displayed across several devices.
Design of the About page on the mobile website of a digital book.
Web design using Webflow CMS for the chapters of the Brief Theory of Life e-book.
A compelling footer design for an e-book website motivating readers to subscribe.
The designs for the downloadable pdf versions of the e-book A Brief Theory of Life and Beyond.
The UI/UX design of an e-book website being displayed on a tablet.