BRI Greece

China’s government established the One Belt One Road initiative as a bid to expand regional connectivity via new sea, road and rail investments and other large developments. BRI Greece (Belt and Road Initiative Greece) was created to serve as the strategic access point linking China’s transportation routes to Europe and Africa. Our scope was to develop the company’s brand and create a corporate website to be ready for launch.

Being primarily involved with cargo shipments, we selected a minimal container icon as the final logo and applied a bright blue and orange colour theme to the branding system, portraying a modern and fresh image while keeping a direct correlation to the paint colours commonly used in the cargo industry.

The client requested an approachable, playful yet corporate style for the website. We used a variety of iconography and infographics to deliver key brand messages and statistics, while incorporating intuitive animations to present a more visual clarification of elaborate business functions. We used the primary logo colours as the basis for core graphic elements and poised the radiant tones with a more corporate grey and white palette to maintain a serious and professional tone, honouring the company’s overall philosophy.

The company is now in the final stages of establishment and the launch of the website is planned for the official opening of business.

Company Website
Athens, Greece
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Custom website design and development services for BRI Greece by Reform Design, Cyprus.
UI/UX responsive web design and development on Webflow for BRI Greece.
The business card designs for BRI Greece.
Logo design variations for BRI Greece.
Several tablets showing BRI’s responsive website design.
The wireframe presentation for BRI Greece corporate website.
Custom web design layouts for BRI Greece corporate website by Reform Design.
Several i-phones showing the responsive mobile website design for BRI Greece.